What does it feel to be Harassed?

Sidhi Gupta (Puja)
2 min readJan 27, 2021

Thoughts come and go — like clouds but some turns to be tempest — like a storm. It’s not necessary to visit the rough patch for getting thoughts — the intense one !!

Thoughts are the statement that we generate from our brain and feelings are the emotions that we feel from the body. So, thoughts and feelings are connected in a way or otherwise.

And I was stuck between these two. I won’t lie — my fingertips got freeze whenever I thought to write. But though, I couldn’t hold myself. I couldn’t hold the thought that I get even in silence pleasuring moment.

It’s not compulsory to go through the path of an unusual fear, trepidation to understand the depth of harassment. One can speculate the whole plot.

Harassment is a lot in itself and the occurrence of this situation in someone’s life makes them lose the presence of their realness. The problem created by it is nothing less than devastation. It holds the power of changing the whole plot of an individual’s life.

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